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In loving MEMORY we share goodbyes.





  - February 24, 2018

Intimidating with his sideways furtive glance and big voice he won our hearts instantly.  Punk's last few years were full of many 'old man' stories.  Punk lost his hearing roughly 2 years ago and our 'body and sign language' training techniques were a huge help.  He never missed a beat.  We, however - continued to talk to him ... which became comical in many instances.  How can you not say 'good boy' to your dog right?  In addition to losing his hearing - Punk also experienced tedious hematomas in both ears.  Despite our best college efforts to assist the standing ear - neither would again be upright; and Punk deserved not to have his ears fussed over in his retirement.  He just looked like a puppy all over again!

Punk's retirement came early after suffering from a spinal disc injury in his younger years.  He wasn't to go to prom any more but earned the solid duty and distinction of guard and house dog.  You should have heard how hard he would plop down on the floor.  As he aged this injury proved to limit his steering capacity through pinched nerves and he would walk too fast for his own feet and jack knife like a semi truck.  It was really funny seeing him swinging side to side as he wandered about.  Primarily,  getting up or using the stairs was the most difficult part of his day yet once up on his feet he announced his needs all day ... with that obvious smile and that same furtive glance and resounding rrooouufffff rrooouuufff he's had from day one.  When he smiled he looked like he was messing with you.  In his old age it would seem pooping in the tub became his favorite pastime and we are convinced he did this to Becki on purpose - barking in her face the whole time.  What a riot to see his constant smile; naked and unashamed while we laughed with him.  Punk's final winter season involved a sweater/coat he seemed to enjoy wearing.  It was enough to take the edge off on those chilly nights; and "Half" kitty loved it too - for the last 6 months or so you would see Half laying either right on top of Punk or warmly curled up in his legs.  Besties to the end.  Animals know.  Punk spent his last day in the sun as desired; without pain and was allowed to chase the ball until he was done - because there would be no pain tomorrow from playing too hard today.  We had several play dates with him throughout the day as he luxuriously camped out under the sun tent.  His last two meals were complete cookies... he showed little interest in eating anything else - not even a hot dog. We miss him every time we climb the stairs and cross the porch - he's not there to step over any more. 


Sharing memories of dogs gone bye!  We thank Jesus that 'Joy' is greater with new life than pain felt at the loss of an old friend,

partner, muse, shoulder to cry on, buddy to hang with!


November 30, 2004 - January 30, 2017


A thespian at heart.  Ready to entertain and be the center of attention always!  He was indeed a people dog.  Kind, serene - soothing.  His gentle nature was forever invaluable when it came to babysitting the many puppy exercise routines he was part of.  Happiest with a ball in his mouth doing so.  Look at me - look at my ball my ball my ball!!!

His impact on so many lives throughout his time here at ICNDF is profound.  Whether by face-to-face meet and greets; or having been the sire to so many litters.  His participation in group class always brought smiles and looks of awe.  What a joy to simply hand his leash to an unsuspecting observer so they might participate - and to then witness the connection you knew was creating ripples in a pond in that flash of a moment.  One more 'human' on the receiving end of the 'Urma' experience!  He loved wandering around; free to follow whomever was canvassing the place performing property maintenance tasks or just going back and forth from the woods, chicken coop, hay barn, garden, training field, front yard, back yard, driveway - follow follow follow.  Walk and bark and walk and bark... with an absolute happy expression on his beautiful mug the entire time.  Last year he started to slow down a bit.  He seemed content more to sit in the sun and watch the goings on - and of late was more and more often caught napping so hard one had to almost touch him to wake him up.  In the sun, stretched out near the shade of a tree in the training field - his favorite place to be.  Also in close proximity to another of his many favorite places; the bite work stations.  Several weeks ago - Urma endured a 'paralysis' event.  Without assistance, he was unwilling to get up from his nap in the sun - with both back legs wanting to get tangled around each other underneath him.  For the next few days we kept him close by, with minimal exercise - so a steroid plus anti-inflammatory meds routine might loosen up anything kinked, swollen, or just plain sore.  After a second event 10 days ago - where pain became part of Urma's movements; ex-rays taken revealed arthritic cartilage had been fusing vertebrae together.  His spinal cord seemed to be taking pressure and movement had become not only painful but now involved back leg paralysis.  Getting up and laying down was a feat.  Once up - walking and barking was still fun.  And a short retrieve of the Kong ball was still doable.  Yesterday - Urma experienced impossible mobility on his own and was disinterested in breakfast.  He spent the day in the sun and grass napping in the middle of the training field - where he could still be a part of everything going on around him.  We believe it's how he would have wanted it.  Kong ball at his feet and surrounded by his cherished master and mistress - along with Punk 'A' Dunk, Ceasar, and Dax.  His last sunset.  Urma, whose father, grandfather, and great grandfather were all three world champions - was our very own supreme ICNDF TOP DOG champion!  We all miss him horribly. 

Surviving kennel family to carry on his legacy:

            Punk 'A' Dunk/half brother [black and tan] --- retired

            Shotzy/daughter [saddle-back black and red] --- in the ICNDF breeding program

            Kelly/grandaughter [bi-color black and red] --- in the ICNDF breeding program

            Czar/grandson [bi-color black and red] --- in the ICNDF breeding program

            Ceasar/great grandson [black] --- in the ICNDF breeding program

Tiny - she would sleep anywhere...

June 1, 1999 - 9/29/2014

Tiny's headstone reads: 

Tiny was a German Shepherd dog trapped in a Schnauzer body.  Her tenacious attack on the German Shepherds tails was a constant giggle for us even through her last days.  Losing someone is always hard.  We find strength in remembering the good times and continuing to celebrate life.


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In loving MEMORY we share our goodbyes.