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Hi Jim...

Lisa and I can't thank you two enough for the puppy we purchased in September 2010 (son of Kekec & Vivi).  Your operation, breeding program, and customer service are truly world class.  The love and care you both put into producing top quality dogs has really impressed us. Our GSD 'Hendricks' is everything we have wanted in a dog and more!  His temperament, drive, intelligence, and inquisitive nature have given us nothing but joy and many many laughs since the first day we brought him home.  As Florida natives and avid fishermen / boaters we were looking for a dog that could be a part of our family and enjoy the outdoor beauty our state has to offer.  Hendricks has not disappointed!  He's equally at home fishing with us on the boat or relaxing under the table at the local dockside dive bar!  He's a handsome animal and never fails to turn heads and attract attention when we are in public... we think he likes it... he's a little bit of a show off!

Thanks again,

Ron & Lisa

Dear Jim...


Yve has fulfilled all our emotional and physical needs. Everywhere we go the attention is focused on Yve and not on me in a wheelchair.  Yve can react appropriately to any given situation.  Her wonderful temperament, intelligence, drive, and physical beauty reflect her European pedigree.  She has become a treasured addition to our family. 


Glen & Kimberly Dowdell

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Be careful you'll buy one then want another. We purchased Gabby "Dixie" 14 months ago as a puppy. Shortly after that we got Brutus "Ben" a few months later. He was three years old and through the puppy stage. They are the best protectors and love bugs you will ever want. I darn you just get one and see how fast you want your second shepard.


Sherry Sonnenwald





In 1997 we met the German Shepherd dog that would change our lives forever. He was a loyal and trusted protector named Santos, from Czech Republic, whom we obtained from Jim Kunz at the ICNDF Dog Training Center. Santos was trained by Jim in narcotics detection and personal protection. Santos saved Kathy's life on at least two occasions. In his later years he became a therapy dog as he loved people, especially children. Santos died February 14, 2007. Because Santos gave so much of his time to the Jacksonville Fire Department, he was given a color guard burial. We will always be grateful to Jim for introducing Santos to us.

Recently, we came to Jim again asking him to help us find just the right dog for our specific needs.  Jim introduced us to Brando, who arrived from Hungary. He is a 16-month-old sable German Shepherd who is currently being trained by Jim in tracking and urban search & rescue. Brando will work with us in south Georgia and north Florida providing protection and rescue services.

We are extremely grateful to Jim Kunz for his expertise and compassion in locating and training these two shepherds.

Craig & Kathy Finney

Federal Contractors

Forensic & Crisis Response

Jacksonville, FL


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Great dogs, superb training, and honest people. Jim and Nancy have given us great assistance post sale in helping us learn to live with a new German Shepherd. Since we are 1st time Shepherd owners, buying from them gave us great comfort. We highly recommend!


Jeff Curry  

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After 3 weeks of training Jim transformed my dog, he is so much better and now it is my turn for training it takes 2. Thank you Jim and Nancy


Merrilee Baltes Hysler

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My wife and I visited ICNDF after our Shepherd of 13 years passed away. (Matter of fact, I was on my motorcycle coming from St. Augustine to Jacksonville and did a panic stop when I saw the place.) 4 weeks later we had Hera in our back yard. This was 5-1/2 years ago and I couldn't ask for a better puppy. Whenever we had to leave town and could not bring Hera, We boarded her at ICNDF...the Doggie Hotel. Now, we are leaving Jax heading to Indianapolis in a few weeks. Hera will love it there running with our granddaughter. I want to thank Jim for his care of Hera and his great facility. I never had to worry about her when we were gone because I knew she was well taken care of. Thank you Jim!!! When Hera is in her later years, I know where I will drive for comfort...but that's not for another 6-8 years or longer. My heart will never let her go.


Corky Miller

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I love my German Shepherd *Xambia* I got from ICNDF. Recommend them highly if looking for a family/protection dog. Jim and Nancy really care about the dogs and placing them with the right families. And our very knowledgeable about not just the GS breed but all types.


Robin McClellan



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Jim is the dog whisperer of St. Augustine! Our dog did not respond to treats and we were unable to train her. After the 3 week boot camp with German Shepards, she behaves, is well trained, recalls and is the most improved dog. Thanks Jim and Nancy!


Paul Gudelis

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We are the proud new owners of an exceptional pup from Jim. Mercedes came home with us last week and I have to say, she is "Wonderful". Jim is very thorough in his adapting his clients with their new family member. Mercedes has settled in beautifully, and we could not be more satisfied.
All we can say now is "Thanks".


Tal Boatright













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Beware!!!! You will end up wanting more than one of Jim's incredible German Shepherds!! Our dog, Duke, is the best ever!!! We love him and can't wait to add to our family with another!!!






Caroline Simes 

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Meticulous trainer kind courteous and loves his job.. Gr8 facility... Jim Thanks for all your help


Jesse Jubran


Dan, Simba, Kristie, Greta                      Simba and baby Isabella

Dear Jim...


I am writing on behalf of my husband Dan and myself in regards to our German Shepherd puppies.   In 2004, we purchased our first puppy, Gretta from your facility.  We couldn’t be happier with her.  Almost exactly a year later, we purchased our second puppy, Simba.  Again, we couldn’t ask for anything more out of our dogs. 

Since we purchased the dogs from you, they have both grown and matured into amazing pets.  Their companionship and loyalty are what make them the best things that have ever happened to us.  They are healthy, beautiful dogs and we get compliments everywhere we take them, which is anywhere they are allowed.  Because of the basic obedience training that comes with the purchase of a puppy from your facility, our dogs are well behaved and enjoyable to be around.  No matter where we go or who we run into, they are always impressing people. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for being there and doing what you do.  It is an amazing thing to come across such good people who love their jobs and provide such high quality service.  We have utilized your boarding facility quite a few times since owning our dogs and we can only praise you on that as well.  Our dogs always come home safe and healthy.  We never worry about them when we leave them with you.  It is so nice to have a safe place to leave these valuable members of our family.  I don’t know what we would do without them. 

We hope that your business continues to thrive as we are happy to refer others to you and also hope to find our next pet at your kennel as well. 

So, thank you for doing what you do and your dedication to it,

Most sincerely satisfied,

Dan and Kristie Smith
Jacksonville, Florida

Hi Jim...


I don't know if you remember my husband, Ian, and I, but we brought one of your wonderful puppies home in November of last year. Her litter was born on September 12th, I believe. We named her Noel.

I just wanted to let you guys know that this past almost year with her has been filled with more joy, laughter, and more puppy kisses than

we both can handle! She has been the most wonderful addition to our family! Her temperament is just what we wanted. She's great around kids and so sweet. She's a tad stubborn too, but that's okay. She fits right in to our family! Not to mention that she's beautiful too! Thank you so much for your dog breeding facility! Without you guys, we wouldn't have found the perfect dog for our family! 


Ian and Crystal Meneeley


Hello Jim ...


Just wanted to send ya'll some pics of Zoey (previously known as Dori from the "D" Litter born on 7/13/2010- momma is Vesta and pappa is Punk).  Zoey is now 60 pounds at 6 mos old! And of course spoiled as she should be!  For Christmas she spent 2 weeks in Sanibel, FL and loved it!  She lost the last of her baby teeth there, made a bunch of friends (both human and canine), and can't wait to go back!


We feel blessed that we found ya'll - you filled a hole in our hearts with Zoey/Dori.

Take Care,

William, Lucy and Zoey Mundy




We purchased a German Shepherd puppy from ICNDF and brought him home at eight weeks. He is now nine months old and a real treasure.  In our case, both parents were imported from Europe by Jim and bred on his premises.  The quality and temperament of Jim’s dogs is excellent.  Not only will you get a great pup from ICNDF, but Jim will be there after the sale to answer any questions and help with guidance.  A period of excellent training is provided by Jim at no charge…he considers it part of being a responsible dog breeder.  You can trust Jim and ICNDF to be fair and professional.  They go above and beyond and really care about your experience with them and your pup.  We’re thrilled we got Bruder from ICNDF and highly recommend Jim and his facility to anyone looking for a great dog.  

Sherry and David Bubeck 
St. Augustine, Florida



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Bought Her on Dec.23    


I bought year may be another


I think I will own one of your puppy's after the first of the year when I can get my son to bring me out to see what is due and when some one will welp My preference is female black and tan .

Rosalind Coffman




Enzo has been a constant companion and a source of comfort for me in my fight against cancer.  He is intelligent, loyal, and lovable beyond belief.  My thanks for such a wonderful guardian and an even better friend!


Donna McAteer

Hi Jim...  


I'm sure everyone thinks their puppy is the most special but we just had to share Tucker's progress with you.  After no training except watching Abby (monkey see, monkey do) Tucker responds to his name, sit, come and stay and answers to those commands when Abby is not around as well.  We are amazed and thinking of starting a college fund for him.  You, Kekec and Ussie have produced a terrific little puppy and we are delighted with him.

Thanks for such a great little dog,  

Cindy and Bill Sawczyn

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Just the best ! I had Maxx trained by ICNDF as a PTSD Dog. He spent 8 weeks in what I called Boot Camp as I am a Marine Vietnam Veteran. Jim and Nancy do a great job. You can have confidence in them being real Professionals. They now have Blooper Man in Boot Camp. He will be donated to a Marine w/ PTSD who is in need.


Rob Sparks
Fraternal Order of Marines


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