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Hatto is an athletic young male with beautiful black and deep mahogany red coloring.   He has tons of energy and is very confident. This is a world class european import.

THIS IS A STRONG DOG THAT INITIALLY REQUIRES A STRONG HANDLER.  Once bonded, however, he is very easy to handle and will make a superb and loyal companion.   

He will make an excellent personal protection dog, perimeter patrol, night guard dog or commercial guard dog.

Hatto is not suitable for placement with a family.

Health Certificate, neutered, hips x-rayed, micro-chip, obedience trained, and all vaccinations. 



- Shown By Appointment Only -


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We can custom order a dog from our associates in Europe to meet your specific needs - from green to titled, pre-trained police dogs, search & rescue, mobility assistance or protection trained family guardian dogs.

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