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Celebrate with us our 25th year doing business here in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida!


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     The International Canine Narcotics Detection Foundation (ICNDF) Dog Training Center, in St.  Augustine Florida, is home to some of the country’s finest imported German Shepherd dogs.  ICNDF German Shepherds are easily recognized by the classic good looks, intelligence, and the even temperament found in the European-bred German Shepherd.  Dogs selected for our breeding program are born with versatility, drive, great looks, and genetic soundness.  Since 1990, the ICNDF Dog Training Center has continued the heritage of World-Class German Shepherds.  We have placed hundreds of puppies, and trained adult dogs, with families, businesses, and law enforcement - to be placed in homes across the United States.  Our puppies have grown up to be family guardians, commercial guard dogs, mobility assistance dogs, personal bodyguards, and search & rescue heroes.  It takes versatility, intelligence and self-confidence to be both loveable family pet and fierce guardian.  Our winning formula for breeding and raising German Shepherds has produced many puppies fitting this role.  The ICNDF Dog Training Center provides boarding and a wide range of training programs.  Our kennels provide a comfortable home away from home for your TOP DOGS utilizing acres of exercise yards and indoor/outdoor runs - to keep dogs happy and healthy during their stay.  Our basic and advanced courses include obedience, guard dog, police dog, drug detection, tracking, mobility assistance, and search and rescue.




     This is Tara. In this picture she is 16 years old.  Tara was one of the dogs who scoured the rubble of Ground Zero.  Tara was born, raised, and foundation-trained, at ICNDF!  She was sold as a 'Search & Rescue' candidate and completed her training with Scott Laffey.  Scott later shared with Jim how Tara was "first dog on the pile".


Dutch photographer Charlotte Dumas captured these dogs, in their homes during their twilight years, - where they lived with their handlers at the time of 9/11.  You can read about their stories in the book 'RETRIEVED'.


Tara is living proof that ICNDF DOGS are TOP DOGS!


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